Consciously Creating Results...The Ultimate Manifestation Course!

"Everything I've learned over 35 years in 5 easy steps...Dr. Joe Vitale"

Hi. I'm Dr. Joe Vitale.

This is all about Consciously Creating Results.

I'm calling it the Ultimate Manifestation Course, and that's what I intend for it to be for you.

I don't know who you are, and I don't know what you've already studied.

  • Maybe you know about the law of attraction.
  • Maybe you know about creating your own reality.
  • Maybe you know about goals and goal setting.
  • Maybe all of this is new to you.
  • Maybe you're a skeptic.
  • Maybe this is the last straw.
  • Maybe this is the last course.
  • Maybe this is the first course.

I don't know, and it doesn't matter, because what I'm doing is taking 35 some years of my personal experience and condensing it, boiling it down into a tight five step program.

These five steps will work. They will work for you.

I'm gonna walk you through how to do each step. It is very simple. It's very easy. I will just break it down, so it's not complicated at all.

I'll give you to-dos. You do the to-dos. You'll get the results.

Now, that should be fantastic news for you right there, because if you haven't been getting results before, you're finally going to get them with this program, and I can guarantee it. I can guarantee it, because I'm living proof of it.

All of the concepts that I have used in my life I first tested on myself. When they worked on me, I went ahead and started sharing them with others. When they worked on others, I started putting them into books. When the books became bestsellers, I started putting them into programs.

Through my books and programs these concepts have helped millions of people.

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The course PLUS Hundreds in Bonuses all for only $97

Now, it's your turn.

I want to take the best of the best, the best of everything I've learned, everything I've taught, and put it in this course in bite sizes so it's manageable, and you can immediately implement it, to get the results you've been longing for.

I know what you've been feeling.

I know that if you've been frustrated, if you've been waiting, if you've been impatient, if you've been skeptical, if you've been any number of emotions that are other than happy around the idea of creating a reality you prefer, I've been there.

I was homeless back in the late 1970s.

I was in poverty for 10 years, through most of the 1980s. I know what it's like to struggle. I know what it's like to starve. I know what it's like to go through the dark night of the soul.

I don't know if you're going through that or not, but I want to end it for you.

I'm here to say you never have to struggle again. I'm here to say you never have to suffer again. I'm here to say you never have to worry again.

Yeah...You can worry. You can suffer.

You can struggle if you want to, but that's drama that is no longer necessary, especially after you go through this short course.

Now, I'm calling this the Ultimate Manifestation Course, because I intend for that to be the exact definition of this course.

This is all about consciously creating results. Up until now, you've been creating by default, meaning you've been creating unconsciously.

You've been responding to life and life circumstances, and you haven't really been staking your claim, stating intentions, and going for them with any sort of definiteness of plan or purpose, but I want to help you get past all of that.

I know the shortcuts. I know the hacks.

I know how to get from here to there in the shortest way possible. I know how to help you make your dreams come true.

Now, I don't know what your dreams are, and maybe at this point you don't even know.

Maybe you are putting your toe in the water, and you're wondering If I can even help you decide on what you want.

Well, I can help you there too, because a lot of people make mistakes about choosing what they want. A lot of people make mistakes about how they think manifestation works.

A lot of people make mistakes about a misunderstanding concerning the law of attraction.

A lot of people make mistakes about creating the results they want, and I want to wipe all of that away.

I want to help you.

Now, I'm at a point in my career ... I'm in my mid-60s. I've written 70 books. I'm a musician with 15 albums. I'm in movies. I think I'm in 15 to 20 movies both as an expert and as an actor. I've been on Larry King Live. I've been on every kind of major news media.

I've been in all the major countries. I travel around the world, Russia, Peru, Poland, Bermuda, I mean, more countries than I even knew existed when I was growing up.

I never knew I would get to do all of this, and have so much fun, and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but I didn't start this way.

I started just like everybody else, scrambling, confused, desperate, clawing at life, trying to figure everything out, going through, as I mentioned, homelessness, poverty, and all this dark night of the soul. In fact, there were many dark nights. There wasn't one, but I came to the other side.

I came out the other side, and my job now is to help you.

That's what I'm doing.

This course has a price on it, but this course has a price on it only to make sure you invest in it. I don't mean invest just money, but invest your energy, your attention, your time.

I give away a lot of things. You can Google it. I give away Attract Money Now, which is at I give away the Beginner's Guide to Miracles. It's at

I give away the book, Abundance Manifesto. I think it's at I have three volumes in the Miracles Manual.

I give those away at I give away a lot of stuff.

But here's the thing.

Most of the time when people receive something for free, they don't respect it.

They don't utilize it, and they don't get results from it. They need to have an investment.

You need to make an investment. That's why there's a price on this. It's a small price.

Do you really think it's gonna make much difference in my life? It's gonna make a difference in your life. So, the small price for this is an investment, but it's an investment not of just money, but it's an investment of your psychological commitment.

I want you to tell yourself you are in to make a difference. I want you to declare to yourself that you want to learn how to consciously create results. That's what this course is about.

Now, in essence, there's five steps.

I've simplified it as best I could, and they're all short, little videos, just me talking to you. There's nobody else here. I've got no notes. I don't have a teleprompter. I don't have a makeup person. I don't have a camera person. It’s just me and you.

If I don't push the right buttons or put the mic on right, I'm doing this myself, it doesn't get recorded. That's how intimate this is.

It's Dr. Joe talking to you, and I do that throughout this course.

Now, I mentioned that I first used this on me, so I was the guinea pig, and obviously I've made these techniques work.

These self-improvement insights actually do work. I'm living proof of it, but I've helped so many people, people that were broke, people that were homeless, people that were unknown, people who had no belief that they can change.

They have changed.

I don't care if they wanted financial freedom, if they wanted just a little bit more money, if they wanted a relationship, if they wanted a healing, if they wanted to help their pets, or their neighbors, or a cause they believed in, or even if it was about awakening and having spirituality, which is so important to me as well.

I've been able to help them with this method:

These five steps I'm recording for you in this very intimate video mentoring kind of program.

There is a price on it, only because I need you to commit that you're gonna watch these and you're gonna implement these.

Then the promise is if you go through this, when you go through these programs and you implement everything, you will learn how to consciously create results, which means you will be able to choose what you want to have, do, and be.

You'll be able to select it, and you'll be able to manifest it.

I'm gonna keep the mumbo-jumbo to a minimum.

I'm a very metaphysical guy. I can talk about woo-woo, and get very airy-fairy here, and kind of leave the planet, but I'm also an entrepreneur.

I'm also a take it to the bank kind of Earth level person, and I'm gonna keep these five steps to the Earth level.

We may peek into the metaphysical from time to time, but all of this is about concrete reality, so I'm not about changing your spirituality or your religious beliefs.

This is more of a self-help, self-empowerment program.

It's designed to help you get the results you've been longing for, that you've been wanting.

You've been praying for them, and you deserve them.

Now is the time for you to do it.

This little intro here is just my little warm-up. It's just me to say I'm Dr. Joe Vitale.

I've made this for you. If you feel ready, if you like the comfortableness of my intimate speaking to you in this way, that's what this program is going to be like for you.

I'm gonna speak to you.

I'm gonna do my best to help you awaken to how you change your mind and then discover what you need to do in a very easy, brief, concrete way to actually consciously create the results you prefer.

This is about the ultimate manifestation course.

If it feels like it's right for you, then by god, push the buy button.

Go ahead and enroll in this, and let's move forward and start creating your reality.

If it isn't for you, then godspeed to you. Go to the next program. Go to the next book. It's fine with me.

  • I want you happy.
  • I want you wealthy.
  • I want you healthy.
  • I want you to have a fantastic life.

If I can participate in making that so for you, wonderful, but if there's somebody else, something else that feels more compelling to you, by god, go do it. I'm for it.

You know? I'm still learning. I'm still investing in programs. I still read other authors. I still attend seminars. I don't know it all. I'm still a seeker. I'm still growing.

I think it's our duty to keep growing, to keep stretching, to keep reaching.

As we do, we improve ourselves, and as we improve ourselves, we improve our lot in life, and I think by extension and by inspiration we improve other people.

They see us bettering themselves, and then they get the little itch to improve as well.

But it all begins with me.

It all begins with you.

It all begins with a decision.

What will you decide?

I support your decision, whatever it happens to be.

Hope to see you in the program, but if I just see you on the street, give me a big smile and let me know how it's going for you. All right?

Godspeed to you, and as I like to say, and you'll learn more about it in the program, Expect Miracles.

Expect Miracles.

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The course PLUS Hundreds in Bonuses all for only $97

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  • 5 Intimate Videos that will walk you through each step in the most direct and simple terms. Over 35 years of knowledge condensed into 1 easy Masterclass of just 5 steps!

  • A bonus video revealing 6 missing secrets Dr. Joe has discovered helping millions of people create the lives they desire and deserve.

  • A Bonus Package of auidos and digital copies of Joe's most recent books that will provide additional valuable insights into consciously creating the results you desire.

Included in the bonus package...

  • Money Beyond Belief - an EFT tapping session with Brad Yates
  • The Miracles Manual - Three Volumes
  • How to Clear Your Mind to Attract What You Want E-book
  • How to End Self-Sabotage E-book
  • The Secret Prayer Audio
  • A Simple Way to Eliminate Doubts & Excuses E-book

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The course PLUS Hundreds in Bonuses all for only $97

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