Take a ride in my new Bentley Hybrid.

The only one in the USA!

Dear Friend,

I’m going to tell you about an opportunity unlike any other you’ve ever heard.

An opportunity to learn how to make a bundle of money. (Even become a millionaire like I did.) An opportunity to learn marketing, publicity, copywriting, spirituality, how to start and succeed in business and so much more!
An opportunity to sit in the lap of ultimate opulence with me for an entire evening!

Before I tell you all about this opportunity (and how you can take advantage of it), I need to give you a little background.

At the recent Miracles Weekend Seminar I held in San Diego, I hosted an exclusive private Master Mind.

Nineteen people joined me as we supported each other in solving problems, exchanging resources, and offering support, inspiration and information.

Some people had instant resolutions to long-standing problems. Others got priceless resources to move them forward to their dreams and goals.

In fact it was so powerful…

One man who attended managed to raise $350,000 just three days after the Master Mind -- all because of an intention I helped him refine and we as a group supported.

That gave me an INCREDIBLE idea!

I decided to allow a select group of people to join a Master Mind with yours truly.

And not just any Master Mind.

This Master Mind is like no other. (After all, I invented it!) Not only will you be able to pick my brain dry about marketing, promotions, The Missing Secret, making money, Awakening or any other topic - you will do it in the lap of ultimate luxury.

It's the Miracles Mastermind!

Here's how it works...

Pick your ride...private jet, luxury automobile, limo

Pick your dinner...fine dining, casual, best Texas BBQ

Pick your group...one on one, two people, three, four is about the max. Unless we arrange an extended meeting time, which can be arranged.

You'll fly into Austin, Texas..

A special guest and myself (and one other participant) will pick you up at your hotel in luxury ride of your choice and head out for a spectacular dinner and start our Miracles Master Mind session together.

We'll continue our conversation over a delicious meal, and return to our luxury ride for more spellbinding masterminding.

There's no telling what will come from our adventure together.

We may design a new ebook or information product for you to sell that can make thousands of dollars.

We may help you start a new business so you can live your dream.

We may introduce you to someone influential that you need to help you with something.

We may joint venture on a new project.

There are Zero Limits to what we can achieve together!

Master Minding is one of the most powerful tools on the planet for becoming successful very quickly!

Check out what these folks have to say about their Miracles Mastermind Experience.

(Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Rider Jennifer Nicole Lee) January 18th, 2010 Event

"My Rolls Royce Master Mind Experience with Dr. Joe Vitale positively cannot be expressed in words! It was beyond this world! Just in the first 15 minutes I got so many amazing prosperity ideas and concepts that will definatley help me increase my abundance and joy in life. Dr. Joe Vitale is someone who you must master mind with to take your entire life to the next level."

Jennifer Nicole Lee

International Weight Loss Success Story, Best Selling Author, & Fitness Celebrity www.JenniferNicoleLee.com


Dr. Joe Vitale With – Miracle Mastermind VIP Member Dr. Mary OZ

Over the summer my daughter Steph and I had an awesome opportunity to mastermind with Dr. Joe Vitale and Chuck Pennington in beautiful Wimberley, Texas. As soon as Dr. Joe picked us up in his impressive car we could feel the opulence and excitement in the air. Dr. Joe was very generous with his time as we masterminded the hours away. Both Steph and I discussed our passionate dreams and projects as Joe and Chuck encouraged, challenged and stretched our thinking. We left thinking bigger than we could have imagined! As I discussed my wow dream with them they listened, validated and confidently made recommendations for expansion and marketing. I left the mastermind feeling supported and ready for inspired action. My favorite part of the mastermind was brainstorming and connecting with Mr. Fire, who I have renamed as Mr. Inspiration for All. It was a truly an amazing experience as Dr. Joe shared his success, manifestation, passion, and heart-felt marketing energy with us all. What a special opportunity to see the pure delight on my 21 year old daughter’s face as she was encouraged, inspired, and guided to believe in anything is possible for her as an entrepreneur and in her life! Here are her own words:
Dr. Mary Oz

I joined my Mother Dr. Mary Oz, Dr. Joe Vitale and Chuck Pennington on their Mastermind and it proved to be an amazing choice. Dr. Joe picked us up in his sports car and the mastermind had started immediately. Right away we all connected over business ideas, travel, culture and food. Dr. Joe gave us all his attention to our business concepts and ideas, than gave us both remarkable feedback. Not only did Dr. Joe and Chuck answer all of our questions, but they helped guide us to ask bigger and better questions about our concepts then helped answer those as well. I didn’t want the mastermind to end, I felt that I was in such a great atmosphere and learning environment. My mother and I bonded even more over our trip to Wimberley. Going over the mastermind back at the hotel and pushing each other to think outside the box was also a great part of our trip. I left the mastermind glowing, excited for my future and had a more advanced mindset for what to expect and put out to the Universe. I am so grateful to know this at the age of 21, and grateful for Dr. Joe, Chuck and all that I experienced and learned on this Mastermind!

Stephanie Ozegovich and Dr. Mary Oz


Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Riders Richard and Linda Crane

Linda and I were excited to have the opportunity to spend time with Joe Vitale, and had been anticipating this from the moment we confirmed our meeting date with Joe and his guest. We put out the intent that the evening would be of great value. In fact, we started out where we knew we would end up, with great gratitude for all that would transpire. Through his writings, Joe invites us to expect miracles, and that is exactly what occurred.

Accompanying Joe was Craig Perrine who, as it turned out, was the perfect choice to complement Joe’s own specific insights on our business goals and strategies. From the moment that Linda and I stepped into Joe’s quietly elegant and gracefully appointed Phantom Rolls Royce, a series of synchronicities that lasted throughout the evening quickly began to unfold. As we discussed our ideas, strategies and goals, both Joe and Craig offered a number of ideas, methods, and models to enable us to move to the level of success that we envision.

The Phantom Rolls Royce is the perfect setting for this kind of experience. It established the mood and is a visible standard for what is really possible. Through the Phantom, Joe has set up the process for moving from one state of awareness to another. From the moment we entered the car and met Joe and Craig, the feeling was, ‘Yes, this is right.’

The entire energy of the evening was filled with joy and vitality, and the atmosphere was simply creative and dynamic, and easily flowed from one idea to the next. We certainly enjoyed ourselves so thoroughly and we received so much value that we wished the evening could have gone on longer.

Thank you, Joe. Miracles do happen everyday when you have the right mix of people, ideas, and intention. This was a powerful Mastermind event of heart and soul, of worth, integrity, given unconditionally with love. And that is priceless!

Blessings with All Good Things in Abundance,

Richard and Linda Crane


Dr. Joe Vitale With --- Phantom Rider Sandeva Morris

Have you ever noticed that when you look back on your life what it is that you remember? What you remember are specific moments. Good or bad it's the moment, and the feelings you felt. You've told that story over and over ever since then, haven't you? It’s earmarked forever.

"The Master Mind session that I experienced with Dr. Vitale will be earmarked and shared with people for the rest of my life. Without having one specific word to describe it, which would not give it justice, I can only say it was like experiencing a teacher, mentor, legend, wizard, spiritual guide, warrior, geniuses all wrapped in to one of the most authentic humans to ever walk the planet.

"I learned more and got more ideas on how to take my personal life, and business to the next level of awareness, than I have in years. I have felt a wonderful uplifting energy shift and experienced growth ever since then that's indescribable.

All I can say is that if you ever have an opportunity to experience one of his Master Minds, it will change your life and it will be a story you too will share with others forever. It will start like this, "Oh My God, did I ever tell you about the time I went to Dr. Vitale's Master Mind."

Sandeva Morris, Tampa, Florida, (www.chosenforgreatness.net)


Mark Tarpinian, Craig Perrine and Dr. Joe Vitale.

Dear Joe & Craig,

Thanks for an AMAZING evening !!

Besides our magical environment in the Rolls ride and phenomenal dinner, I truly value your open spirit of friendship and limitlessness. It's this genuine spirit felt that allowed MasterHeart ideas to flow, including uncovering blocks within me ~~ forevermore released to now act on every heart impulse and create grandly.

I'd recommend this experience to ANY person desiring a powerful launch pad, willing to fuel Your Self going forward.

Love & Appreciation, Mark Tarpinian (MarkTarpinian.com)


Dr. Rick Barrett, Scott & Joani Steffens and Dr. Joe.

Joani and I were very excited in meeting with Joe Vitale for our Mastermind. I have met Joe before a couple of times with Ho’oponopono classes with Ihaleakala / Dr. Stan Len, but was not able to discuss issues since that this was not the intent of the class or our personal objectives at that time. But the time came with the opportunity of the “Mastermind Project”, which I had Joe’s undivided attention, along with the bonus of known writer and friend, Dr. Rick Barrett.

Joani and I would say…what we got out or evening with Joe and Rick was that we felt a “shift”. It is like I have been going down the wrong road or just off the road and Joe and Rick gave me a shift to push me back “on path”. It is not something that I would get from reading a self-help book (which I have read many). Since that day, we have had several changes occur in business and in our personal lives. It is difficult to explain, but something that everyone needs to feel and experience.

I now believe that we all need a “kick” or “shift” in our lives, and Dr. Joe Vitale is the one that can give it. Thank you Joe and Rick for this opportunity to clean with you and clear my path to a better understanding and live our purpose in this lifetime.

Scott & Joani Steffens, Spring, TX


I also created Fit-A-Rita, my all natural margarita mix, and Operation YES, my movement to end homelessness - all direct results from Master Mind meetings.



Are you interested in being a Miracles Mastermind VIP Club Member?


I’m a multi-millionaire with thirty years of experience in marketing, promotions and spirituality.

I can pull all sorts of facts and insights about business and life from my mind. I also open myself to be inspired with new insights that may be as fresh to me as they are to you.

Whatever you bring to the table, we can discuss, expand and develop -- and probably in ways neither of us could guess right now.

After all, the MAGIC of a Miracle Master Mind is in the energy of the experience itself.

I've been in Master Minds for marketing, weight-loss, business development, fitness and personal improvement.

The title for my bestselling book, "The Attractor Factor," came from a Master Mind.

The fact that I ended up in the movie "The Secret" was due to an intention I stated in a Master Mind.

I don't think I need to convince you just how powerful Master Minds are.

You can have the experience of a Master Mind with me and a special guest in a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom, OVER SEVERAL HOURS, including an exclusive dinner -- IF you're one of two people to raise your hand and say you want in.

There's a fee, of course.

My hourly rate is usually $15,000.

The special guest I bring along to help brainstorm on your behalf will have a fee, as well.

But the investment for the Miracles Master Mind is ONLY $10,000 per person.*

And that's for the entire evening -- an estimated three hours of exclusive brainstorming time with me and a special guest (you never know who it will be).

And that also includes an exclusive dinner.

But here's the thing...

ONLY TWO will be eligible to do this for each ride.


When I sent the offers for the October, November, December, January, February and March Rolls-Royce Phantom Master Minds, they sold within a day!

You've got to act fast!

In addition to the Miracles Mastermind itself, here what you will receive for being a VIP Member of the Miracles Mastermind Club.


One hour, Quarterly Miracles Mastermind call exclusively for VIP Club Members.

This call is only for Miracles Mastermind VIP Club Memebers. There are only a select few people on these calls and this your chance to follow up with Joe and make sure your keep that Miracles Mastermind energy flowing.


Discounts and Early-Bird Notifications on all of my Live Events.

You will receive exclusive email invitations and discount code on all of my live events. Be the first know about them and reserve your spot first!


Coupon codes only available to Miracles Mastermind VIP Club Members on my products.

You'll also receive special discount and coupon code via email that are valid on most all of my products.


A $1000 voucher good toward your next Miracles Mastermind.

Use it yourself or pass it on to a friend, partner or family member.


Exclusive offers for future in person Miracles Masterminds

Sometimes I create special offers and mastermind opportunities just because they are so fun to do. When I do create new and unique packages, you'll be the first to know and be offer these events at a VIP Club discount.


Exclusive offers for individual Miracles Masterminds calls with me.

There have been several time when the Miracles Mastermind Sessions are done that the person wants to continue to work with me on a one-on-one basis. Normally this is not availible. I don't offer this to the general public. This is only for people that have attended a Miracles Mastermind session.


The Miracles Mastermind Gift Pack

You'll also receive the Miracles manual Gift Pack.


  • Signed Miracles Mastermind printed logo on black canvas signed by me.
  • Miracles Manual coffee mug.
  • Miracles Mastermind Drink Koozies
  • Miracles Mastermind aluminum water bottle
  • Miracles Mastermind pillow

A treasure trove of other surprises and gifts from Dr. Joe!

Private Jet Miracles Mastermind

Exotic Sports Car Miracles Mastermind

Texas Hill Country Wine Tour Group Miracles Mastermind

Joe's Blue Bently Miracles Mastermind (single person)

Joe's Blue Bently Miracles Mastermind (two person)

Make up your own Miracles Mastermind







Fill out the form now to get started on your best life ever!

A $500 deposit will be required to reserve your date and time. Payment for the remainder of the fee will be arranged through Joe's business office.

On all but the Private Jet Mastermind, you will be responsible for your travel and lodging to the Austin, TX area.

If you're interested in picking my brain dry of all my marketing, promotion, financial and spiritual techniques, having an exclusive dinner, and driving around in your choice of luxury car for the evening, please contact my assistant Caroline at Caroline@mrfire.com. You may also call my office at (888) 743-2824.

Meanwhile, think big.

I mean REALLY big.

And consider these questions as prep for the event --

* Briefly, what is your background and why are you interested in this Master Mind?

* What is your BIGGEST dream/goal/intention?

* What are your three biggest challenges in achieving this goal?

* What else would you like help with during this meeting?

I'll see you soon -- IF you act now.



Listen to what these folks have to say about their Miracles Mastermind Experience.

Jennifer Nicole Lee and Dr Joe

Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Rider Dr. David Cola) March 11th, 2010 Event

On March 11th I had the privilege of spending an inspiring and magical evening with Dr. Joe.

From the moment we first met to the time we climbed into the back seat of his Rolls Royce I could feel and tell this was going to be the evening of all evenings. If this wasn’t enough to start, when I met the driver I became even more excited.

Dr. Joe had his good friend Pat O’Bryan drive the car. I knew of Pat so I was excited to be able to meet him and share time with him as well.

On the way to the restaurant, Joe in his warm and friendly way, began to ask what I wanted and what I expected to receive from the evening. I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right place.

We talked about many things and by the time we arrived at the restaurant, I was ready to learn. The meal was absolutely fabulous. However the real meat was what I learned about myself and my business. With Dr. Joe and Pat feeding off each other, clarity, validation, direction and the “how’s” were being served.

I was able to take copious notes and develop a real sense of what I ought to do and what I could do.The hours we spent together flew by. All the while I was being fed as much as I needed and wanted.

Multiple times Dr. Joe and Pat asked me if there was more I wanted and if there were any stones we left unturned.

This was really helpful and important to me as my mind was racing with ideas and questions.

Thank you very much for an absolutely fabulous evening. What I learned about myself and my business is priceless.

The clarity and direction that you gave me is just what I needed. To top it off, your “goodie” bag was the perfect dessert.

Dr. David Cola
Weight loss expert and coach
Creator of the Anti Diet Weight Loss System


Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Rider Wendy G Young

"Your Rolls-Royce Master Mind came at the perfect time in my life. Over the past few years I have been developing and refining a technique yet kept wondering how all the pieces fit together. The divine kept giving me information and I kept asking how they were all related. I was not clear about the actions to take to move forward. About the time I let go of trying to figure it out your offer arrived.

"The Master Mind began once I signed up because my awareness of what is possible began to emerge. It is challenging to put my experience into words as the benefits I received far surpass any expectations I may have had. The atmosphere was fun and incredibly relaxed and this set the tone for a brilliant evening. "As we drove to dinner in your gorgeous Phantom I began to describe my ideas and within the first few minutes you had an inspiration. This happened several times during the evening. In just a few short hours the Master Mind raised my level of awareness and helped me take ownership of the technology I created and has catapulted me forward in taking this idea to completion.

"I am deeply grateful and looking forward to creating the package we discussed in the very near future. I'll be talking and blogging about this experience for a long time! Joe, my appreciation for you and Pat O'Bryan (and Barry Bechta) is from the bottom of my heart!

"Oh, and the ride in your Phantom Rolls-Royce was DIVINE as was the dinner at the Cool Mint Café in San Marcos! Sure wish I could have met Ms. May (the ghost) though. Thanks again, Joe!"

Wendy G Young (www.prosperitypostures.com)


Dr. Joe Vitale and Jerry Sr. - October 31st, 2009 Event

Hello Dr. Joe Vitale,

On October 31, 2009 I was accepted to travel with Dr. Vitale and co-pilot O'Bryan for a sensational ride and dine at a remarkable Restaurant. This revolutionary experience was "in fact" a schooling and an introduction to an "Expect Miracles" in a quick (Fast as fast can be) fashion.

Dr. Vitale was very enthusiastic every moment of the night including his "in your face" schooling approach to a missed step, by yours truly. Also, I detected a Dr. Lew testimonial in the vibrational air after the schooling event -- which changed the dialogue between all attending guests and hosts.

This was the turning point for the evening, it was cleaned and cleared by Dr. Vitale without a problem, I sensed it and knew that he was sincere, which was outstanding. As we moved into a divided conversation between the attending guest we were each polite and attentive plus respectful to the hosts Joe and Pat but the Central message was philosophically different, i.e., I was not there to sell any item, I just wanted knowledge about Dr. Vitale's and Pat O'Bryan's real demeanor because I've invested in each, through purchased items.

The knowledge I obtained was excellent because I now know these Two Gentlemen are very valuable to any student seeking personal improvement. The entire evening (4+Hours) was captured by the Pulse recording pen.(Great for students) As a side venture of Dr. Vitale and O'Bryan I was sold on their Hoshun concept, I employed the very concept because I had borrowed the funds required to travel to San Marcos plus pay Dr. Vitale for this wonderful event.

With this in mind, yesterday (12/03/2009-my Birthday) the desire/wish became a reality and Hoshun now has two eyes because the needed funds returned to me plus additional funds, as I had requested. I have a copy of the check for validation.

Thanks Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan for this dramatic transformation in my life. Also, the meeting of Mr. Collie and his wife lifted my spirits hallo-ween night. I highly recommend the Ride & Dine experience and the following book, Expect Miracles and the DVD ZeroLimits 111 - The Final Chapter plus Pat O'Bryan book Your Portable Empire and remember Hoshun.

As we departed that evening Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan presented me and the other attending guest every book and DVD they had on the market which really inspired me to become a serious student of their material.

Jerry Sr.


Dr. Joe Vitale and Andrea Necchi - October 31st 2009

It was the second or third e-mail from Joe in which he was presenting the opportunity to have a personal meeting with him.

Although I didn’t realize it immediately, later I discovered that the moment I KNEW that "I have to go there!" was like a beam of sunlight in my mind.

I live in Milano, Italy, and compared to the distance I travel to visit my brother in Australia, Texas was only a mere 5400 miles away! 🙂

From the moment I signed up for this event to the day of the mastermind, I had less than 3 weeks to prepare.

Joe's invitation for the Rolls Royce mastermind showed up at the right time as I just had a new business idea show up that I knew I wanted to present to him; Everything happens at the right moment when you are in the flow -- the veil before my eyes disappeared and I was now open to the opportunities that lied ahead of me.

I simply continued to stay tuned on my focus, using LOA and Ho’oponopono. Then the Universe did the rest.

By surrendering to the Universe, I was allowed to fully immerse myself in the wonderful evening. Before my departure from Italy to the United States, I visualized all the details of how I wanted the Mastermind to play out and ended up receiving so much more... it was all like a miracle.

When I saw the movie "The Secret" for the first time, it was in October 2008. All the speakers are great, but I particularly resonated with Joe (maybe because his origins are from Italy?), so I bought all his books, read them word for word and applied all of his teachings to my life.

His latest book, the wonderful Zero Limits, was not translated in Italian, so I bought it in English, and spent my holidays in Malta, reading it for an English intensive course. It was enlightening to say the least!

Incidentally, 3 weeks after I arrived home from my summer vacation, I had a lucky strike! Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len happened to be in Italy for a Ho’oponopono course. I loved him,...so pure, so simple, so deep, so true!

I experienced the same feelings upon meeting Joe. It was like I already knew him -- much like long lost friends. Joe is exactly as you imagine him to be (as everything...!)

Thank you Joe, I love you, and thank you very much to Pat O’Bryan too.

Andrea Necchi


Dr. Joe Vitale and Morris Nutt - December 3rd 2009


I had a great evening with you and with Pat. It was great to ride in your beautiful Rolls Royce Elanor. The time spent with you and Pat was the highlight of the evening. Wisdom is the scarcest of commodities in today's world and tonight wisdom was in abundance! Thank you for such a delightful experience.

Warmest Regards,

Morris Nutt


Dr. Joe Vitale With Phantom Rider Don Wilde

"A good friend, Darshan Shanti of Albuquerque, sent me Joe's flyer and said I should look into the Phantom Mastermind. Since he's one of my coaches as well I take his recommendations seriously, and within a few hours had decided that Joe would be worth talking to. I spent the next six weeks preparing myself and getting all of my other things out of the way.

The evening was outstanding. Both Joe and Mark J. Ryan, his associate, were excellent at making appropriate suggestions and drawing my motivations and needs out of me. The Joe Vitale steak was "to die for," but I hope you can accept that that was one of the least impressive parts of the evening!

We operated on a very high level of intention and strategy. I went in to the meeting as clear as I've ever been, and we covered a lot of ground. At the end of the evening, I was satisfied that I had a workable vision and plan in place to accomplish my goals, but Joe wasn't done helping me. His next step was to introduce me to Pat O'Bryan and invite me in to UnSeminar6, an internet marketing workshop being held the next weekend in San Antonio. I learned an incredible wealth of new techniques in a field that I'd thought I was pretty savvy in, and when Joe spoke at the workshop I gained even more insights.

At the end of the weekend, I got home ready to take on the world, and ... I crashed. Total breakdown. Everything I'd ever cleared out of my life I regressed back to, in spades. Financial, personal, attitude... everything. And that's where the final part of Joe's help kicked in. Just as I was leaving at the end of my session, Joe had handed me a huge bag full of his books and DVDs. I'd never read even one of his books before my Phantom evening, but Joe and all of his helpful friends have become my constant companions. Step by step, I am re-assembling my life in a newer and stronger way, clearing out -- for real -- all the baggage I'd locked in my dusty mental attic, and I'm working toward my original vision while clearing my decks.

My only regret, as I told Joe, was that I would much rather have had the ride in Francine, but we got a lot more work done in the wonderfully silent Rolls.

I am grateful to my friend Darshan (www.The24HourChampion.com) for suggesting this, to Joe and Mark for sharing their experiences and wisdom with me, and to the Universe for giving me this opportunity and the joyful, amazing life that I have. I am truly honored to have had Joe and Mark to validate my vision and prepare me to become the shift that I intend to create in humanity. I highly recommend the Phantom Mastermind as a wonderful and worthwhile experience, and I love both the challenge and the breakdown that has come from daring to live a worthwhile life."

Don Wilde (www.Freedom-in-the-Wild.com)


Barry Thomas Bechta, Dr. Joe Vitale, Wendy G. Young and Pat O’Bryan

"From the moment I said "YES" to the Rolls-Royce Master Mind, my life has accelerated with Miracles. I knew that I had only six weeks to prepare for an experience of a lifetime, I was going to make the most of it.

"I re-read and took notes from every Dr. Joe Vitale Book and eBook I own. I watched every piece of Video on DVD, on YouTube, on Google Video I could find. And I listened to each CD on my 80GB Zune. I consciously choose to soak everything up as I crammed for the exam of my life.

"I prepared a list of questions to inspire each of us. I researched ALL of the participants with the same thorough nature. My preparation for our three-hour Intensive Master Mind together, grew through six fabulous weeks wherein I had Dr. Joe Vitale as my personal guide.

"I did this all because I felt Inspired! From the very beginning, I claimed my power ...

"I look forward to what I can offer each of the participants. This is going to be an experience that is going to WOW each of us."

"And then at the appointed hour, the sleek Beautiful Phantom Rolls-Royce driven by Dr. Joe Vitale pulled into my life ... I Expected Miracles and I planned to have Fun because I knew my life would never be the same again. I was right!

"Joe brought Pat O'Bryan along with him to complete this powerful Master Mind.

"The other Rolls-Royce Master Mind Participant was Wendy Gail Young.

"Bankable Business Ideas - Yes! Yes! Yes! Laughter - Yeah! Ha Ha! Yeah! Marketing Advice - Worth Thousands! Great Food- Oh Incredible Food! (Thanks again for Dinner Joe!) Joe's 4th Inspiring Ghost - Who Knows? Personal Healing - Deep Clearing! Luxurious Ride - It's like riding on air! Brutal Honesty - Blessed each of us! Warmth and Kindness - I felt truly blessed! Surprises too - You'd have to participate to find out!

"I can't thank you enough for the gift you have given me. I know I asked for it, and even knowing I asked for it, I never expected to receive as much as I have. Now, which Inspired Idea do I follow first?"


Barry Thomas Bechta, Vancouver, Canada (www.unconditionallovebooks.com)


Dr. Joe Vitale With - Phantom Rider Steve Daugherty

I am a Life Coach, Energy Healer, and also an Infopreneur and I have had extensive training in internet marketing selling Ebooks through the Enlightened Wealth Institute. I have been studying the law of attraction for many years, and so I am very familiar with most of the gurus and experts on the topic. In addition, I lead an advanced law of attraction group two years ago because I wanted to assist others to use the law of attraction in their own lives. I have also written articles about the law of attraction and the movie “The Secret” for a Woman’s magazine.

As you may already know, “The Secret” was so popular that the teachers were being interviewed on radio and T.V.

On the Larry King Live show, there was a panel of experts on the law of attraction on the show. At one point, Larry King asked a tough question. He asked the panel of experts something like, if the law of attraction is true, how do you explain the bad things that happen to you in your life?

There was only one LOA expert brave enough to answer that question, and it was Dr. Joe Vitale. He said that he believed that we attract everything into our lives – the good and the bad. He basically said that it may be hard to accept that we also attract the bad things into our lives at first, but that once we understand that we create everything in our lives and take responsibility for it, then we can fully take responsibility for our lives and start to use the law of attraction to our advantage.

He explained it perfectly as to how I understand it. He explained it in more depth than this, but the point is that he was the only one who had the courage to tell it like it is. It was a risk, and he took it. I admire that characteristic in anyone who stands up for what they believe in. I understand now that Joe took a lot of flak for it, but one thing is for sure – this one moment in time set him apart from the others, and it inspired me to set a powerful intention that I meet him one day… I can distinctly remember saying those exact words just after hearing him on the Larry King Live show. One day I’m going to meet that guy!

And so, when the mastermind Phantom ride became available, I knew in my heart that the universe had lined things up for me – amazingly the money came to me literally days before the Phantom ride, and so I knew it was time. With some encouraging nudging from my wonderful girlfriend, I took the plunge and went for it.

I happened to have the privilege of having Mark Ryan along for the mastermind, and amongst the three of us, we talked about all of the issues and concerns and problems that I was having with my business, and resolved every single question I had.

What I can tell you is that you will more than likely save yourself the cost of the ride multiplied many, many times over because what Joe does is give you laser pointed answers to all of your questions. You will save yourself so much time and money, and also gain the clarity of what to do next. Joe and Mark gave me many new ideas to use, and also they were very encouraging to me with the ones that I currently have. It is one thing to come up with a money making idea, and yet another when someone like Joe tells you it’s a good one! The difference is that he will help give your ideas new life and direction, which is exactly what I wanted. Your confidence will soar when you meet with Joe.

What I love about Joe is that he is so down to earth – and such a genuinely nice, good person. His demeanor makes it seem like anyone can be wealthy and have it all, which is absolutely true. I have seen videos of him, and what I can say is that he is just like that in person. He will treat you like you’re his best friend, and that he’s there to support you and help you in any way that he can.

The Phantom ride was awesome (automatic suicide doors that close with the push of a button was very cool!), and the dinner was filling and delicious. When I first got into the Phantom, I noticed that Joe had a stack of cds, books and movies for me that he thought I’d like – after discussing my needs, he realized why he was moved to choose the ones he did and I felt like they were handpicked just for me, but we had never met, nor had any discussions prior! Just amazing...

It didn’t seem to matter what I asked, they always had a great answer. The time flew by, but there was still enough time to relax and talk about whatever we wanted. I was out of questions and just wanted to revel in the feeling of being around guys who are overflowing in abundance. Even the simple act of riding in the Phantom made me feel like owning one of them could be possible for me too. That’s law of attraction in action baby!

I highly recommend the Phantom ride to anyone who feels like this may be the natural next step. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you Joe!

Steve Daugherty



Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Riders Sarah and Steven Brotsky

Short cuts, insights and bursts of inspiration tossed in with a few "why didn't I think of that" strategies and a list of concrete steps to help my husband and I get to the next level. A first class evening and an unparalleled experience in business building. Indispensable acumen! The Rolls Royce of meetings; one we will remember for years to come.

Dr. Joe Vitale was amazing... his spiritual touch combined with his business sense provided excitement and guidance. Craig Perrine, Joe's accompanied guest, also gave us the nuts and bolts of what we needed in order to take our new business to the moon (or in this case, the Universe!). Together we journeyed into the night with laughter, good food (can't beat the "Vitale Steak"), and heart-felt conversations.

We are forever grateful for this special opportunity to connect with Joe and share with him our new business, our story, our inspiration.

With gratitude,

Dr. Sarah Brotsky and Steven Brotsky


Dr. Joe Vitale With – Phantom Rider Andrzej Batko


The Phantom experience was awesome! Inspiring, enlightening and got me going! Your and Mark’s input was exactly what I need at this time. I am still digesting everything you said and beginning to put it into action. An interesting thing happened during my stopover in NYC.

I was trying do do something and couldn’t get results. That gave me an idea. On the plane I listened to one of the CDs you gave me (how did you know that it would be "The One" for me to listen to? :-). You said on it “Money loves speed.” When I came back I did some research instead of putting that idea away “for next week”... Anyway, I want to run it by you 🙂

As I said, while we were riding your Phantom, initially I decided to come just with an open mind. While I was waiting in The Embassy Suites for you, I wrote a list of things to talk about and it turned out it was the right list 🙂 As we talked while riding to the dinner, during the dinner and on our way back, ideas flowed and sizzled in my mind. There certainly was magic in it. Magic and serious work was being done!

Not to mention the ultra luxurious ride, delicious dinner, great, personal service (say hello from me to the staff of The Cool Mint Cafe) and the cigars on the veranda added that special touch! Somehow in that luxurious environment the ideas became bigger and... richer 🙂

Thank you guys!

Andrzej Batko
Sztuka i Nauka Perswazji


P.S. Loved the car, the music in it and the smell! It should carry the name “Rolls Royce Magic Flying (Ideas) Carpet”! Sorry for my finger prints on the hood 🙂


Dr. Joe Vitale, Denny Hagel and Benni Heacock - December 1st 2009

We first became aware of Dr. Joe Vitale through his work in “The Secret” and “The Missing Secret”. We were inspired by his amazing insights and wisdom. As a result of following his advice and suggestions within a very short time we were blessed with an inspired idea to take the principles of the law of attraction as Joe explains them and interpret them in a way for parents to teach to their children.

From that moment on, our lives have been a true testimony to the power of the law of attraction. Life has been a series of unfolding miracles and Divine intervention that led us directly to the night we found ourselves sitting across the table from the man who was responsible for the inspiration that has brought about the life changing events we have experienced over the last year and a half of our lives, Dr. Joe Vitale.

When we first considered signing up for the Rolls Royce Mastermind we wondered how beneficial it would actually be for us. After all, we had uncovered and followed our passion and written two eBooks to inspire and help parents teach this information to their children. We had created a website and were relentlessly marketing and networking through every avenue we knew of. We knew we had a phenomenal idea that would make a huge impact in children’s lives…so what could we really gain from such a huge financial investment?

Our experiences had taught us to pay attention to the “pull” of the Universe and regardless of the logic of the reasons not to go, we instinctively knew we had to go…and so we did!

Like the Rolls Royce itself, the entire Phantom Mastermind event was understated elegance. When we went to Austin we weren’t certain what would be in store for us. By the end of the night we realized that what we received far exceeded our expectations…personally and professionally.

Joe chose Craig Perrine as the surprise guest and couldn’t have made a better choice. Within our first hour together Joe gave us specific marketing ideas and methods to speed up the process of attracting attention to our program. Craig filled in the blanks with amazing insights into how to implement these ideas based on his internet marketing expertise. Together they offered valuable information, guidance, encouragement, and support. It was like a shot in the arm to hear them both enthusiastically confirm that we were headed in the right direction with a brilliant idea.

Our evening with Joe and Craig, through Joe’s genius and generosity, resulted in the birth of a new title of our parenting program, “The Missing Secret to Parenting”. That in itself is priceless.

Thank you Joe and Craig. You made us feel comfortable from the moment you picked us up at our hotel. It was more like meeting with friends than international celebrities and marketing gurus. We had an extraordinary time, filled with fun, inspiring conversation, and food that was out of this world. We are grateful to have met you and excited about the positive difference you are making in other people’s lives and the impact that has on the world.

Regardless of your situation, whether you are searching to uncover your passion or have brought it full circle to an established business, you will benefit from Joe’s vast wealth of knowledge. We highly recommend it!

We love you!

Denny Hagel & Benni Heacock


PS: If you have ever wanted personal access to me, my marketing techniques, financial strategies and my spiritual teachings - then this is an opportunity you will not want to miss. In fact this is the only way to do it. You can pick my brain dry for three solid hours. You never know what will come of it.


PPS: A portion of the funds for this event will go to Operation YES.
* Note: The fee for the Miracles Master Mind Experience includes the Master Minding ride and dinner, but your travel to and from Austin and your room and board are up to you. Thank you.


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